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Advice on taking medicine Rotigotine (Neupro) Patches


Has anyone one this forum tried Rotigotine patches for their RLS? I have just been perscribed them and am currently on day 1 of using the patches. However, I have noticed that I now wake up around 10-12 times a night compared to 3-4 times a night when I wasnt taking any meds for my RLS?

I guess my question is, will the issue with me waking up more frequently calm down once my body gets used to the drug as I can see insomnia listed as a side effect!?



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Hi, I use the Patch but it does not affect me like that.I sleep much better with it as my legs are calmer.Is it helping your RLS? If it was your first night using it maybe it was just a coincidence , you can only give it a week or so and see.Good luck!

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My experience is that there are always good days and bad days, so one day really doesn't tell anything. I agree with Pippins 2. Give it a decent try.


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