Restless Legs Syndrome
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i was having tremors and the jerks, could not walk from my bed room without sitting down to get my breath. i would get dizzy and fall regularly. my arms would jerk while i was asleep causing me to break my glasses also i would go to sleep with the tv remote in my hand and would throw it across the room. thats when the drs. (more than 1) put me on several meds. including parkinson"s disease. i was sent to a neurologist after tests i was told i had no signs of parkinson"s. the other meds. i"am on are, meclizine, levothyroxin, hydroxyz pam, baclofen, carb/levo and effexor. i"am going to call the drs office tomorrow and try to get this medicine thing straightened out, after talking with you guys. its took me the biggest portion of the pres. debate to type this. thank and God bless you all for your help. oldblu

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