Restless Legs Syndrome
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Does anyone taking TRAMADOL has experienced any digestive problems? I seem to have started problems with bloating and pain in my whole abdominal area. I take 100mg daily split in two intervals, one at 5:30 pm the other at 11:30 pm. The TRAMADOL works wonders for my RLS, ive been on it for about 5 yrs with no problems other than what I'm experiencing now. I looked up my symptoms and it seems I might have Paralytic Ilium (sp?). I will have to go to the doctors for a true diagnosis.

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Well like you I take the same dose of Tramodol each day and just lately my tummy feels queer not all the time but enough to worry about,I don't feel good at all now and wonder if it is the tablets.

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hey johanna all current rls info. got deleted by mistake. the only way I can find this site is I saved it in favorites. long process getting back on line. i'll wait a while and see if you get this meg. I may have to start over again. sorry to brother you with this. oldblye


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