Side effects of mirapex

Side effects of mirapex

Hi, I've been taking mirapex for many years. After reading some posts here I am coming to a conclusion that my current feeling of being stuck in life is an OCD pattern. It makes sense. Please tell me of any compulsions you may have had from mirapex. Or have you know others with compulsions from this medication. Although I must explore other medications for my RLS I hate to think of the horrible trial and error of staying awake nights, squirming and walking and all of it, well you know. What are the latest Meds ?? Geez. . Well I guess not being stuck may be worth finding a new med. gah ! Nightmare city. Thanks

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  • Mirapex has caused compulsive behaviour patterns in some patients.Compulsive gambling,shopping and eating are mentioned on the information leaflet.There have bern huge court payouts in some countries for those whose life has been ruined by the gambling addiction.Mirapex is not recommended for patients with a history of impulse disorder conditions.Painkillers are now more and more the recommended first treatment of choice alongside the anticonvulsant meds.Codeine and Tramadol seem to help many.Gabapebtin or Pregablim seem to be the most used anticonvulsant meds.You will need strong meds to get you off the Mirapex after many years of use.What dose are you taking?x

  • I'm taking mirapex 0.25mg plus Tramadol 100mg 90 min before bedtime. Gabapebpten didn't work when tried. I also take Wellbutrin 75 mg in the morning, this lowers seizure threshold. It Also makes RLS a little worse.

  • Hi, I was on mirapex for a while, then they stopped working. I am now on Pregablin. Did you suffer any weight gain?

  • Yes I have, I found myself starving at bedtime.

  • Mirapex is a good med. and you should not stop.Just be aware that your gambling can be out of control as well as being too sure of your self on a discussion of subjects you know well.

  • Thanks, interesting,

    because I get very intense sometimes and it doesn't really matter. . .

  • Hello all, I have full body restless syndrom and just found this site. Will try magnesium as a start...does melatonin help anyone here?

    Also just found a Sleepy time tea Extra by Celestial has Valarian root in it that I plan on drinking before bed....but letting the tea steep longer with a lid on it to make it a stronger medicinal tea.

    I guess I will try the hardcore meds. if I can't solve this more naturally....but worry about things that may affect my liver over the long haul.

  • I just looked up magnesium sprays,on there four different companies with four different prices of the sprays....which of these are people having the best results with?

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