Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi I suffer from rls, last year my gp gave me pramipexole but although it stopped the rls it gave me night mares and disturbed sleep. Is their anything else my gp could give me. my mum had parkinsons and I know the meds for this gave her nighmares.

I seem to have a lot of symptoms that could be fibromyalgia, how do I go about getting the gp to test for this? my sister has fibromyalgia and i know that if one family member has it another could also have the same. any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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There are other meds you can try to treat RLS. Look at or for the lists of meds. I cant help on the fibro, have you looked for a fibro forum on HealthUnlocked. ?


I take pramipexole x 3 and it took a long time for them to work! sleepless nights for months kept taking them as it did take away the affects of RLS, this forum saved me in my dark hours, very thankful to them :) good luck


Every Med you will be given has several bad effects. Any obsessive -compulsive disorder you already have is made worse, that is gambling, excessive eating, sexual habits etc.

It will also interfere with your sleep and make you have periods of excessive sleepiness during the day.

There have been no meds actually developed for RLS or Willis-Ekbom disease as it is labeled now, because it affects your whole body not just your legs. Someone accidentally discovered that Parkinsons Meds were marginally affective and doctors are able to prescribe any med for anything. they call it ''off label'' prescribing. Some day a doctor or some researcher will discover just where the signal to move or have the weird feelings, comes from and how to block it without turning us into ''ZOMBIES'', but it hasn't been done yet.



FibroAction is the name of the healthunlocked Fibromyalgia forum


I have had really great results using eatable CBD oil from cannabis.

I am a 47 year old stay at home Mom. I do not smoke pot recreational or otherwise-- I have no opinion on the legal issues surrounding it. In fact, I was really hesitant to even try the hemp oil but that it contains only minute amounts of THC; the psychedelic producing chemical in cannabis. A good friend with terminal cancer suggested I try a gingersnap cookie product she had found helpful.

I've struggled with RLS for 15 years. it's been a nightmare. Only recently have I been able to get any control over the symptoms and side effects from the mess of medications. Originally I was prescribed pramipexole. It worked well at first but soon found that I needed to take higher doses when I began experiencing symptoms throughout the day. As the years past, I began experiencing more and more side effects; excessive daytime sleepiness, compulsive shopping, and unexplained seizures to mention just a few.

I have tried; gabapentin, vicodin, oxycodone, lyrica, nuvigil, trazadone, tramadol, iron infusions, temazepam, etc.

I am not taking any other medications. I'm also trying to exercise daily, cut out sugar and caffeine. So far, I'm sleeping on a regular basis again and gaining more energy each day. It's been a slow and steady improvement -- nothing overnight-- more like 3 months of trail and error. but I feel like I am finally addressing the original problem rather than chasing temporary relief to side-effects. I hope this helps


I have been taking pramapexol for over 2yrs it worked at first but now have to keep increasing dosage, which is having no effect. I have a good Doctor but I really don't think they understand just how bad it can get. XXX


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