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Ferritin levels

Hi I just wondered what level is aimed for if looking to correct itch etc (rls symptoms) through raising ferritin?

I've managed to go from 55 to 82 in 3 months. Gp hasn't said to stop iron yet. Just wondered what level is generally seen to be a positive one.

He'd originally said there was a drug hed prescribe but couldn't until ferritin was raised, but didn't mention the level.

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You have reached a very good level at 82, even 55 is not a bad level. The experts say it should be 70-100. If you still have RLS symptoms then you havent found the cause of your RLS. Some people find that after raising their ferritin level with iron can reduce the RLS symptoms or even they can disappear thats because their low ferritin level was the reason they had RLS.


In Sweden we say it should be around 100 but at least 75. Every level under 50 shall be medicated and if you have symptoms at the level of 82 you should continue until you reaches 100.


Thank you. It is hugely improving so I do think it's ferritin related, along with lots of damage and thyroxine issues.

I suppose if I reach 100 and there's still issues it would be worth looking further.


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