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Please help stalevo Parkinson medication


I've been on stalevo fo approx 6 months ,I have been told to take a 150/37.5 6 times a day , I have pain starting from legs up to my head it can be so bad I just can't stand it .it can come anytime of the day which means I can't go out much. I have to take endone strong painkiller I limit them to 1 a day , I have tried taking stalevo all different ways now I take a half every 2 hours and with half endone I can get some relief. My nurologist is only interested in referring me to have D BS,which I'm not keen I've had cancer three times so I will not have anything more done to me I'm 68 and have 6 grandchildren so I'm very positive but want to reach out to see if anybody is experimenting anything like this .stalevo is also causing me other problems urine infections very dark urine and have to wear pads and incontinent pants

Thanks for reading this please help

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You do seen to have more than you fair share of problems,

So 6 times 150/

That amounts to 900mg Levodopa, 225mg Carbidopa and 200mg Entacopone

Stalevo is just Sinemet + Entacopone.

Your Endone that you only take one of a day now up to 3 a day, i.e. 6 x a half Endone.

600 mgs of Levodopa /day is quite a high dose. Levodopa is the top dog for drugs to treat PD but taken in too higher dose can result in dyskinesias. i.e uncontrolled movements and maybe hallucinations.

I would guess that taking half a Stalevo every couple of hours would reduce the chance of Levopdopa overdosing.

I have not heard that Levodopa can cause the type of pain or headaches that you describe. A good place to check for such information is the “Patient Information Leaflet” that should appear in every box or bottle of tablets.

PD does not cause urine infections nor do any (so far as I know) PD treatments, only viral or bacterial agents can result in infections. The dark colour of your urine is a side effect of the Entacopone I believe. My urine is just the same.

I have only just noticed that you only have RLS not PD or both. I have been assuming you have PD as you have been given PD treatments.

Most drug treatments for RLS involve the administration of an altogether different class of drugs. For RLS I would only expect Dopamine agonists to be prescribed. They have their own set of problems but at least have a fair chance of treating RLS successfully and get some uninterupted sleep.

Also DBS is used for cases of PD not RLS. Anyway I am not medically trained so you must consult your own medical people for a more definitive course of treatment.


I was told not to every break the stalevo tablet as it makes a mess out of its delivery. I take the 150 four times a day (six sound high). As for pain I usually try extra virgin olive oil since it has been consumed for thousands of years. I take it on bread with pepper and have found for long term pain it should be taken long term.


Stalevo's was not designed to be divided up. If you must do that then I would recommend sinemet instead. Also my doctor only allows me to take Stalevo 4 times a day.


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