Restless Legs Syndrome


hi everybody, my family are all registering with a new doctor today. after my doctor telling me that he was not interested in how i take my pramipexole. he was reducing my dose.

so, i have reduced the dose myself to see what happens. i have left off the midday tablet, taken one at 17-00 and one at 21-00, two hours before going to bed. result. i am not feeling so doped up and falling asleep all day if i relax. sleeping better at night. spent an hour on the floor last night ,kneeling with my legs trapped beneath me. but then slept until 07-15. seven hours sleep. i cannot grumble at that.

i have been on the reduced dose for a week now,i still have rl. but no other side effects.

it will be interesting to hear what my new doctor says on the subject.

regards, pete.

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Glad you have changed doctors, i hope the new one has a better knowledge of RLS.


Good for you for changing your GP. Surely this new GP cannot be any worse. ;) Let's hope this doctor listens to you and you can work as a team. It is great that you had a good few hours sleep. Makes all the difference, doesn't it? Do let us know how you go on.



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