Restless Legs Syndrome
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For The RLS Sufferer Taking Cream of Tartar

Maybe go with half a teaspoon to see if that will relieve your RLS just as well as a full teaspoon? Sounds like one teaspoon exceeds RDA for potassium. It's interesting that it's also a laxative. It begs the question whether the potassium is relieving the RLS or the laxative effect? Since it works for you within 20 minutes of consumption I assume it's the potassium and the highly absorbable form that it's in that is providing relief.

Also, remember the source of the article, I would double check the RDA from a more scientific source.

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Also, it may NOT be a good idea to take potassium on an empty stomach.


After that we take baking powder washed down with vanila essence yea


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