Restless Legs Syndrome

Another Medicine for RLS?

I came across an interesting article that is for fibromyalgia several days

ago and had a chance to discuss it with both a Neurologist and a

Rheumatologist. This drug is being prescribed for fibromyalgia so

why not for rls? It is an anticonvulsant just like Gabapentin and Lyrica

are. It's in the same class as those drugs..this one is an older one that

was used for migraines.... could it be a new treatment for RLS?

Any thoughts on this?

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From Dr. B 's website. Topamax (Topiramate)

This anti-seizure drug is also being used for migraine headaches. There are many anecdotal cases of this drug helping RLS similar to the other drugs in this class. Sedation is often the limiting factor in using this drug for RLS.

Topamax comes in 25, 100 and 200 mg tablets. It should be started at the lowest dose of 25 mg and increased by 25 mg per week if necessary. The maximum dose is 400 mg per day.


I love it when we find stuff and DR B as an article or post about it. As l said, we need to have some more choices. In reading so much, some gets passed up. Thanks for backing me up.


Any med that may help someone is always worth a second look Yikes2 x


Just guessing, but if sedation is as bad as Dr, B seems to be saying, then its probably not used much for RLS. Would be no good for me. I only got to look at a med and i get sleepy. :)


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