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Unrelated: valium

Anyone have any experience with 20 mg of valium? If so, how did it make you feel? And did it have any effect on your rls?

I'm having a minor procedure at the end of the month. Instead of putting me out, they're using local anesthesia for the pain and valium for my nerves. I'm worried all the valium is going to do is make me sleepy. Also, the last time I had something done, it made my rls worse (i only had it at night beforehand, now I have it all day). So there's that to worry about... Then again, maybe rls works like amnesia works in cartoons - if one procedure made it worse, another will surely fix it! ;-)

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For some people, valium gets rls going. It's a muscle relaxer so you wouldn't

think that it would. For others it knocks them out and puts rls at rest. I have

not heard of it as being the only rls treatment for night after night as much

as I heard of it being part of a treatment. It gets combined with a long acting

pain pill as the treatment for rls. How long it works is unknown to me. It is

prescribed by my doctor for several patients. 20 mg is a a good size dose

to start off at. I wouldn't be afraid to try it if it was me, especially if you are

using it just once.


Hi Ookla, not had 20mg but have had 10mg of Diazepan for a procedure. Made me relaxed and drowsy so 20mg would probably have sent me to sleep. Didnt affect my RLS either way .Good luck


Hi, I have found that 10mg helps my rls. 20mg will make you very sleepy. Good luck.


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