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trazadone advice?


i started trazadone 50mg last week and had normal sleep again for 3 nights.Now I am back to being exhausted and feeling like I have no sleep quality.I am unsure whether to increase dose now that the awful morning sedation has also worn off.I wonder what doses others have tried and if my experience is similar to theirs.awaiting sleep study results atm but thats going to take months !!

feeling quite depressed by everything and wonder if this is the best my sleep can get : (

thanks all


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Lots & lots of empathy & a big hug. I can't advise you re your medication as I haven't tried that one. Sleep deprivation is awful & I understand how you feel. Are you under a GP or a neurologist?


Hi Sarah, I suffered for years with no sleep, walking in figure of eights around the living, room, it was so bad I wore a path in the carpet. I would be up pacing for hours until my body gave in around 5 am then the kids would be up at 6.30 am. Finally 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Rls and they put me on Pramepexole or Mirapex as some call it, I have never looked back as regards sleep. The main disadvantage is that every year my body has got used to the dosage I was on and it is increased, which augmentation is something to watch out for after awhile. I take it from your forum name you are a bichon lover, snap. They are a dog to be valued and loved. Cheers Jimeka


Sarah, look at your medicine cabinet. Are you taking any antihistamines, antidepressants, HRT, antacids, statins, calcium channel blockers, melatonin, and possibly Fosamax or beta blockers? These can and will trigger RLS symptoms. I'm sure there are many more that we do not know about. They triggered my rls, stopping them was all the relief I needed from restless body. I occasionally get restless legs (couple of times a month) and mild. Sometimes I'll just wait it out or I'll run for an iron tablet.


Sarah, i would see your doctor and tell him on how you are feeling and that the Trazadone doesnt seem to be working. Not many people can manage on just taking a anti-depressant. You need to ask your doctor if he can give you something to go with the Trazadone. Only your doctor can be the one to advise you. Good luck hun.


Doctors don't have all of the answers, especially when they don't know all the meds you're on. Knowledge is power. I wouldn't introduce any new drugs for RLS/PLMD until you've taken a good look at all of the other meds you are currently on and made your neurologist aware of them and the fact that some of them might be aggravating your condition. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine can also provoke symptoms. The dopamine agonists and pain killers are a last ditch effort. Don't let anyone talk you into them. Withdrawal is brutal Misery and addiction want company. Especially in light of the fact that you are getting some sleep. As I'm sure you know, people on here have gotten relief with magnesium, calcium, folate, iron. If you are so depressed that you feel you might be suicidal the best place is the ER. I love emergency room docs, they've seen and treated it all. Never be afraid of that avenue when you can't cope.


oh the docs know all I am on medicstion wise.I am also takin iron.calcium and magnesium myself..i am having treatment for depression too and am a mental gealth professional myself though off longterm sick due to the periodic limb movement disorder..i do not smoke,rarely drink alcohol but do have some caffeine in the day..decaf in evenings.not sure what else i can try to be honest!!




Sarah one thing you might try is an rls friendly antidepressant. Can you then take it in the morning? Also, can you take your iron separate from food and other supplements and basically on an empty stomach about an hour before bed? As a health care professional you know it is hard for your body to absorb ferrous sulphate and that a chelated form is superior.

A couple of years ago I listened to a neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander III, speak about his near death experience. Supposedly our souls come to earth to suffer, called soul schooling. And we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into yet we gladly and voluntarily came into our very specific lives. Since then I have read other NDE accounts that say essentially the same. The object is to endure overcome rejoice and help others on their sacred journey. I know if I had my choice I would choose a doctor that went through what I was going through rather than one who was not. Peace be with you my friend.


If you look at this website and on the treatment page, you will see that Trazadone is the most RLS friendly anti -depressant out of them all aswell as Wellbutrin which is not used in the UK.


Thank you everyone


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