Neupro 2mg

I'm almost afraid to "put mouth on it" but I have started the Neupro 2mg patch (1mg was not enough) and have had 3 nights of the most restful sleep I have ever had. It's not a drugged sleep, but a refreshing sleep. The first couple days were rough - headache and nausea in the morning, but that seems to be gone. There was also a night when the edges of the patch didn't stick and I had some Mirapex withdrawal symptoms again; then I looked at the wrapper for the patch and it was expired. I'm hoping this keeps up. Fingers crossed.

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  • Oh thats great to hear catz after your previous horrendous experience! Fancy giving you an out of date med! I am having the same relief from the 1mg patch its amazing I feel like a new woman and am now able to drive again.I wonder if the 1mg is working for me as I have had several months off mirapex so its like starting again?

    Really pleased for you ..take care .kim x

  • Thanks, Kim.

    I hope your success continues with the 1mg. I got my first 30 dose box today and they are all within date. I checked. Restful nights to you. Terrie

  • Good to hear..!! Its nice when someone finds a med that is working. May it continue for you. :)

  • I am keeping my fingers crossed.... except when I'm sleeping. Thanks for the good wishes.

  • Hi Cats, (whisper) Long may the restful sleep continue. (whisper)


  • Thanks for the good wishes, Kaarina.


  • good luck with the patch unfortunately it didn't suit me after a week or so it stopped working what works for one doesn't always work for the other good luck hope it keeps working for you SUE

  • Thanks, Sue. So far it works better than the Mirapex ever worked for me. I'm hopeful.


  • so glad its working I wish I could have took to it im having right problem's trying to find the right med for myself, tried everything my next venture if I can get to see a GP is to try gabapentin & Mirapex been told I can use these together at small doses, the only problem is I CANNOT get an appointment at my GPS its a nightmare.

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