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Hi everyone I have been on 400mg of tramadol for pain over a few years, as things were getting worse the doc changed me to fentanyl patches 50mcg, but after 24hrs I was sick and could not even keep down fluids, this lasted three days even after I took the patch off, I tryed this a few times but always this terrible sickness , now back on 800mg tramadol ,the doc has also given me some 12mcg fentanyl patches to try ,but so far I am to scared to try them ,but the tramadol it's self is not enough to help much with the pain, any ideas I would appreciate .

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  • Tramadol a nd Fentanal are both Morphene the are both shocking addictive drugs Iv been on them all I got was living in no mans land sickness and cold turkey You want my advise stay away from those damn drugs

  • Thanks for your reply , it's just when the pain is so bad you can't sit lie or move ,you will try anything to get relief ,and to avoid being so desperate ,I understand the danger with these drugs, many thanks Jacqui

  • Hi is the paim from restless legs? X

  • No from hip displacer, and scoliosis of the spine , thanks Jacqui

  • Hi Jacqui, sorry to hear of your struggle.Maybe you will be able to tolerate the lower dose of fentanyl better, Sometimes a mix of 2 meds works better, I may be getting fentanyl but it alters thyroid levels and I am on meds for overactive thyroid so jurynis out, As this forum is mainly about restless legs you will probably be better postingnon healthunlcked pain concern whete you are likely to get better advice.I am a member on thete and many discussions about pain relief, Good lucj x

  • Many thanks Kim ,I have posted my question on pain concern now Jacqui

  • Hi is the paim from restlesd legs?

  • Tramadol and fentanyl are both morpheme so the side affects are horrible I have been on both they are serious drugs If you come of them you will get sickness and cold turkey ç

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