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Restless Legs Syndrome
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This rls is driving me insane

I was born with this, and still pulling all nighters, theres no end to this madness... how much more can a person take? And its geting wores as I get older. Omg its in my arms and chest, im yawning every few sec.... for ever it seems like, and i get air hunger , heavy feeling in my chest, WHAT GIVES, not even home remadys wont work but hot baths but even then im all ready out of breath when this rls starts and as i got over my 30s its now all dam day long ,every day...... ughhhhhhhh.........

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Hi Restlessbody, are you not on any meds for the Rls?

I was like you for years going round in circles and figure of 8's, up until all hours. I have had it for 30 years but only got officially diagnosed 2 years ago and I am on pramepexol and my life changed around. I don't know what country you are in but oxynorm and OxyContin worked great for me but I have yet to find a doc in the uk who will prescribe it full time. Please get to a doc who will listen, no one should have to suffer like you are.

Let us know how you get on, cheers Jimeka


I assume you've been down the Dopamine agonist route. Some people have mentioned in this forum using opiate drugs, at least to combat withdrawal after stopping the Dopamine agonists. What medication have you tried?


Have you seen a doctor? At this point I would not be relying on home remedies. You need some good medical intervention. What have you tried for "home remedies"? When RLS is severe, they are surely hit and miss.


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