Restless Legs Syndrome
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PLMD and reasonable accomodation. I am being treated for PLMD and recently started taking.25 Mirapex. It is working well, but I still am

having trouble sleeping, and somedays feel like a worn out dishrag. There is a work meeting coming up in a couple of months that will last 3 days from 8 to 5. If i am having a dishrag day, i won't be able to deal with a day long meeting. Currently, i work at home, so i can nap if i need to during the day. I was wondering of any of you had approached your bosses about dealing with situations like this and getting some sort of accomodation.

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I am taking a look at Mirapex - says that it "CAN" cause insomnia. I am the queen

of rls at work meetings. I keep my feet and legs going and miss 70% of

what's being said at the meeting. So far no one drew attention to the fact that I

am a lousy note taker because of rls. I am recording a lot of what's said so I

can review it later on. I fidget and move my legs around the entire meeting.

They are 6-8 hours per day. During breaks I am always either running or walking

fast outside or I am doing ballerina style aerobics in the restroom. Yeah, I know

that people talk about me behind my back and no one likes to spend much time

with me after work from my group but tough shit. I am earning a paycheck and

working after work to keep up with them. I hope that you find a good way to get

through it all. I am looking at every option before I decide. I can safely say that

though chiropractors can fix some people, it's not working for me and neither

is the tens machine that I have. Massage makes mine even worse.


Good for you for trying to cope and continuing to work. I don't have RLS, but instead PLMD which keeps me up a lot. The mirapex seems to be helping ,but i am still concerned about falling asleep in the middle of a meeting or not being able to drive. Thanks for responding and good luck.


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