GP increased my amitryptyline today as I haven't slept properly for a few weeks. I've stopped ropinirole as I felt they made my RLS worse

I was trying to come off amitryptyline as I felt I was gaining too much weight, GP said it's the only thing that'll help me sleep as they've stopped prescribing sleeping tablets as a side effect is death!!! I still take gabapentin, naproxen, methocarbamol and tramadol for bed so hopefully 30mg of amitryptyline will work, she said I can increase to 50mg max. Does anyone else find it works for getting to sleep?

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  • I can't take amitriptyline as it makes my rls much worse. I can't mentally tolerate the weight gain either.

  • The same as kelka has said.....that med is usually a no no for RLSers, it can for most people send your legs nuts..!!

  • I agree- amitriptyline made my RLS go through the roof.

  • I've been on amitriptyline for about a year and my rls has only got bad in the last few weeks

  • My mild RLS did not worsen when I was on Amitriptyline for a year. I think we are in the minority.

  • Something isnt working that you are taking, if it all worked before.... Maybe its the Tramadol, as that can for some cause augmentation... The amitriptyline might help with sleep, but i doubt it will keep your RLS at bay.

  • You could be right about the tramadol Elisse as I've only started taking it regularly every night for about 6 weeks. Ive taken it before after operations in the last 2 years and it didn't make RLS worse but I only had it for about a week each time. I won't take it for a few nights and see how it goes, thanks for advice everyone x

  • Usually Tramadol works well for most people for RLS... But, i would be careful if you just stop it, most meds you need to wean off them.

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