Restless Legs Syndrome

Have you heard about leech therapy for RLS? Has anyone dare to try?

Leeches are annelids, a kind of worm (ground creature) that lives in wet places. All leeches are carnivorous, that is, they eat mainly meat, but some are also haemophagic parasitic; this means they drink the blood of other animals. They are sometimes helpful in medicine. They are often used to reduce blood clots.

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Never heard of it, dont know how it can help RLS. I NEED my blood.!


My blood bank is closed for withdraw. I need my blood, as is it's low.


I have no idea how this would help a neurological disease, and no, I have not heard of this since I have been dealing with RLS, groups, research, etc, since 1996. Did you hear this from someone?


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