Restless Legs Syndrome
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Best first medication to try for RLS?

I have a meeting with a rheumatologist on Thursday. I think first and foremost this is to get an official diagnosis on my problem as yet I still havent got one.

Here they will identify my exact problem, even though im aware it is RLS. They will rule out all other conditions and make an assessment based on what I say.

My question is though, what would be the best medication for me to start off with and at what dose? (My RLS is 24/7, although not quite pain, its extremely irritating, and occurs all over my body but mostly legs)

Something that is unlikely to cause augmentation would be a preference.

I have used 2 tablets of amitrypline in the past, spaced 6 weeks apart and wont be going down that road again.

I currently get next to know sleep at all, at best 2 hours.


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There is no best medication to take, as everyone reacts differently to them. You might have to try a few before you find one that suits you. Look on the RLS-UK site which gives the list of meds available. The only ones that cause augmentation are the dopamine agonists and for some people Tramadol. Doctor's should always start you on the first dose which is the lowest, then you slowly up it, if the first low dose doesnt work. For Pramipexole, go no higher than 2 of the 0.088mg pills for Ropinerole go no higher than 1mg. Thats if you get given either of those two meds.


the "Neurologist" will suggest medication you require to your GP and you will try the first one out to see if it suits you - good luck as they all have side effects but I hope you find one which suits you xx


I tried so many different Meds, ropinirole, gabapentin, and many others that I don't remember. I am now currently on Percocet's. AKA as oxycodone I take 3 per day @ 5mg and so far so good. As long as I take them at the same time every day I am good. I suffered for months until I was put onto these. He kept trying me on a cocktail and I finally asked him if I could just keep on the Percocet's and he agreed. My children how ever are not happy that I am taking these because they are very concerned with the long term damage that they may cause me. I am pain free so right now I haven't looked into the long term effects.


Mostly the long term side affect I believe is developing an addiction but hell, better to risk that then suffer on a daily basis.


I would try mirapex or requip. I find that taking one at around the supper hour or an hour or so before stops the RLS from settling in and then a second around 8pm. I take .25 mg twice daily and it works very well. Fentanyl patch is another option starting at 25 mg patch, slow release for every :8 to 72 hours. Works very well for some and usually has very few side affects.


I have been on Xeristar for two weeks now, after my doctor had almost run out of ideas, and I have been getting quite a bit of relief in the last week, and sleeping well

Unfortunately the side effects have been severe, with constant nausea, no appetite, and sexual problems

Will have to come off them, and hopefully he can think of something else when I go back to see him soon

Anyone else tried this medication, and suffered similar side effects?


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