Restless Legs Syndrome
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National Sleep Foundation

A recent survey of patients with RLS found that 2/3 believe physicians need more education about the disease. While 73% of those surveyed experience daily symptoms, only 6% feel their symptoms are treated well by their current medications.

Get more about RLS here:

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Well, yes i agree, most i know that suffer from RLS do not get looked after very well by their doctor, my doctor is not to bad, thank goodness, but one person i know of gets fobbed of with a leaflet everytime she goes to her doctor, so i agree with this, you would think by now, that we couls get better treated.


Cheers Elisse for taking the trouble to pass this on.


Thank you from me too, Elisse. As the first port of call is generally the doctors surgery, in an ideal world all GPs would be aware the symptoms and be of help to these people. How to get the message across to GPs appears to be difficult.



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