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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Updates at Health Unlocked

I received the following today from Health Unlocked. I am sorry that some of you have had problems on the forum and it is now clear why! I will be in touch with HU to let them know that we would like to be informed in advance of changes in the future which might affect access! For your information, we have fed thro to HU a number of suggestions about how the forum can be improved or changed over the last few months and we have not had any feedback as yet. Will let you know!

'You may have noticed a few upgrades to the platform over the last few weeks. This is the start of a series of changes we are making to improve your experience on HealthUnlocked.

While the most recent upgrade has improved the speed of the website, it caused a temporary issue with the sending of some email notifications and displaying of some News Feeds as well as the other errors you experienced. We are sorry if this affected you and assure that we have been working tirelessly to have everything resolved as soon as possible.

On Monday afternoon, we experienced a 5 minute window during which a small fraction of members appeared to be logged into HealthUnlocked as a another member. This was resolved quickly, it affected less than 0.1% of members and all sensitive data and passwords remained secure. Because your privacy and security is our priority, as a precaution we deleted all the content that was published between 4:10PM and 4:45PM GMT and logged everyone out.

Again, we are sorry for all this inconvenience and assure you that we will continue to do everything possible to improve your experience on HealthUnlocked.

If you have any questions, or there’s anything we can do to help, please do get in touch with us through our Support Centre by clicking on Help at the top of the page'.

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I think we all had that same message from HealthUnlocked, i know i had that same message. It was very frustrating at the time trying to get on here. Took days to get back on.


Does this explain why the web site was a blank page for 3 days? yahoo does the same thing to me as well as FB in my groups. we only hear about or see the changes (an get and explanation) after there is a problem. I am surprised that they will not give feedback to the ADMINS of this group. That is not right. kepp on truckin'! ;)


Yes, every member got one of those. They do a mass emailing. But the web site was unable to load anything but a blank page for 3 days. that is not a glitch, it is debaucle,. ;) Seems to be better now......................and I am glad to be back! ;)


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