Monochromatic near-infrared light treatment

Monochromatic near-infrared light treatment

Hi, I thought this informative wikipedia site may help us a bit, you may find this statement "Monochromatic near-infrared light treatment has also been shown to decrease symptoms associated with WED/RLS. A study showed there was a steady decrease in symptoms over the four weeks in the treatment group, and after four weeks of treatment, the treatment group had a significantly greater improvement in RLS symptoms than the control group"

useful as well.

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  • Howdy. Thanks for the info. Did the participants sit in an infrared sauna or go into a tube like structure that looks like an MRI machine? Very interesting. What do they attribute their success to. Raised body temperature, better circulation, killing off of certain micro-organisms due to heating from the inside out?

  • I remember this near infrared light treatment being on the WED/RLS Foundation, they were looking for volunteers to try it out. It was a small study of people and for a short time. To actually buy one of these machines is very expensive if i recall. And a long way off from being used by the medical profession, more research is needed.

    Here is what i found about that study.

  • Hi Elisse, how are you, thanks for your ref. I also found some clinical evidence of this therapy :

  • Hi rahim, i am okey dokey. Lets hope more research is done on this. A bigger study and for a longer period of time would give a better idea whether this treatment would help in the long term. If its safe to use over a long period. Lots of questions need to be answered.

  • I agree with that Elisse, I just wanted to let people know it is there

  • Yes, its always good to read these things, gives us food for thought... thanks for posting it. :)

  • You welcome, how about some home-made Persian food ;)

  • Hi whitetea

    I have not tried it yet but I think it is some kind of light prob applying over the area( skin contact ), you can see some images in this site :

    I don't think you would need to buy one, here is a good reference regarding to the issue :


  • I think it needs a lot more research, as it is very expensive, and a lot of us certainly dont have the money to waste, if it's not going to work, and i dont think the study was big enough by far

  • Im first in the queue then :P

  • yup, they are still working on it.

  • Off-course, that is the least I can do for my great friends. :)

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