Restless Legs Syndrome

can anyone tell me the difference between RLS and Involuntary Limb Movement Disorder?

I have been told since my teenage years that I have RLS and it has gotten progressively worse over the years (I'm now 60) I posted recently about my nightmare experience of Mirapexin and luckily I have a very patient GiP who has given me all possible help to conquer the resulting depression. I am now back at work and taking 50mg Sertraline (reduced from 100mg) every morning and 100mg of Clonazepam at bedtime. I have found my restless legs markedly improved during the early evening and am even sleeping at night but my husband says my legs and arms still jerk uncontrollably in my sleep. I have never felt like ants were crawling under my skin or had any described by other sufferers - my legs (and arms) just go into jerking spasms and the only cure is to keep moving. Does anyone think I may have this Involuntary limb movement disorder instead of RLS and that's why the clonazepam is helping?

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I do have a severe RLS/WED with pain in both arms and legs 24-7. And I do have those painful involuntarly limb movements in my legs every 6-8 sec, during nights and early mornings, but never daytime. I wake up 10-20 times/night beacause of this. My doctor has told me that those movements are often seen in patients with RLS/WED.

I'm on morphine for the pain, but also have to take pramipexol for the movements.


I think you mean periodic limb movement disorder, RLS will stop you from sleeping, PLMD happens when you are asleep, but you can have both


I have both, mine PLMD are so strong that they wakes me up while sleeping after taken morphine


I have both rls and plmd.

The jerking happened far less when I was taking Vicodin.

One of the very first medicines that I was given was Clonazepam

because my husband told my doctor that I was hurting him by

kicking and the bed would shake when I moved too much. It

didn't help with the rls but it did stop me from kicking. The kicking

never woke me up, neither did my arms jerking... I did always wonder

why I felt exhausted when I woke up after sleeping for as long as

my rls would allow me to.

The older I am getting (Im 46), the worse my rls is. It went from mild

to severe in the past couple years.


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