Restless Legs Syndrome
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Lower Glutamate and Histamine levels = Less RLS and a Better Sleep

If your mind is racing when you're trying to sleep at night, it is likely due to a combination

of high glutamate levels and high histamine levels.

Below is a link to an article about how high glutamate levels are tied in with RLS, inflammation

and insomnia. It's a follow-up to the John Hopkins study that showed that RLS sufferers have

a higher presence of glutamate in their brain. It includes some natural remedies to help you to

catch some z's.

Below is an article on how to lower your histamine level. High histamine levels are also intimately

connected with RLS, inflammation and insomnia. There are also some natural remedies listed

that will help to bring down your histamine level and quiet your mind.

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my only objection to this is the word "cure" in this guy's web site. But, glutamate may play a big part in brain "hyperarousal". You can read about this on more scientific web sites as well. "treatment" is an acceptable word, but cure?, not yet. IT is exciting to see new research on this subject, and I am following the glutamate connection very closely.


But I believe that restless leg symptoms are actually better when there are more active histamine receptors (hence more histamine). When people take anti-histamines, that block receptors, RLS symptoms get worse.


I suggest you take a look at this website (towards the bottom of the page):

"from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine"

"Editor's Note: Please keep in mind that as a RLS sufferer you cannot take over-the-counter antihistamines. You have to take "natural" ones. There are hundreds of articles and studies that demonstrate that over-the-counter antihistamines increase the intensity of Restless Legs dramatically"

Personally I know that over the counter antihistamines make me feel worse, but I haven't tried natural ones as yet. Planning to give this a go to see whether it works.


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