Is this where complaints go?

Just kidding. Actually, I have a suggestion. Right now, posts/questions report the time when the thread was first started (i.e. 3 days ago). I'd personally prefer it to say when the last response was made. Right now, if I respond to someone else's thread and instead of replying to my reply, their reply goes to the initial post, I won't get a notification that I got a reply (and I might not remember how many responses were in the thread to notice the number has changed when I glance at the topic page)... but if it says something like "last response was today at 3:13 pm" I'll know something's been added since the last time I read the thread and I'll be sure to check it out. Or another thing you could do (and I don't know if this is easier or harder to do) is make thread subjects bold and then after we click on it they are not bold, but if there's something new added, it gets bold again. Sorry for rambling, hope I explained what I was going for.

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  • ooo, your seeing more than me ookla !!

  • I see what you mean ookla, lets hope the powers to be can put it in motion.. i agree with you, you cant always remember how many responses have been posted. You either miss someones reply, or have to go thro them all just in case a new one has been left so you dont miss any. :)

  • HI, ookla! When I emailed them at the web site, which is the thing to do. I did ask them about the way the responses were going up, and could they be "facebook like, and have the latest response on top or the bottom, as long as it is in the same place all the time. These people, honestly, who own unlocked, not the RLS-UK, are the ones who wanted to update. This web site in it's entirety grew faster than they expected, and there is over 1.2 emails generated a day in hundreds of groups. They got buried, and sent out emails to members. Did you get one? Anyway, I hate all of it. too, and they must be backlogged, because they did most of the groups all at the same time, and they admitted they "were wrong" in the emails do that without warning us, and it did not work like they or the developers expected. So, we have to be patient, or try. lol I am pulling my hair out ride here with you! ;) Have a good night!

  • The other thing I did write to them about is the member directory and why is it only "recently joined" members that show up? IF we want to follow one person or find a post they put up, we are back in the "maze of confusion" ;)

  • You can search for them by putting in the first few letters of their name - but agree it was easier before!

  • We're sorry that Health Unlocked's update has caused so many problems for our members. We are as frustrated as you are! However, HU are making changes each day so I'm confident that the problems will get ironed out. We have passed on our comments and members comments from the forum and our Facebook page. We will let you know Health Unlocked response as soon as possible. Hang in there!


    RLS-UK and forum administrator

  • Hopefully you have noticed the addition of "Last activity" and find that useful. You are also welcome to us the drop-down sorting options to the top right of posts/questions.

    Any other suggestions can come straight to us using the feedback tab!

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