Restless Legs Syndrome

Aspartame (again)

For the last ten days I've been avoiding Aspartame, and I've been getting 5 or 6 hours sleep each night. I know it's incredible, but it's true. It's wonderful.

I know non RLSers would feel deprived on 5 hours sleep, but we know 5 hours sleep is a beautiful miracle, I feel so well.

I know things are different for everyone, but I really advise that you check every thing you eat and drink for Aspartame, you might be lucky like me.

When I'm feeling brave, I'm going to start drinking Diet coke again for a few days, I'll let you know what happens.

Good luck,


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brilliant news!!!!


I have experienced this also. Sometimes, I have used it and it didn't bother me, but I think there is a link, same as alcohol.


That's really great! I hope it flares up with the aspartame! (Not to cause discomfort but to reinforce your theory that the aspartame is linked to your RLS)

Good luck! Lee


I totally agree. my experience is very similar when i consume even a small amount of msg. i sure wish there was more research dedicated to negative reactions to such additives. I am convinced that diet has a tremendous effect on rls and that there are some foods which can help alleviate symptoms. I am working on eliminating processed foods from my diet and have been sleeping better.


Much joy for 5 hours of sleep...

Glad that a few of you found the key to sleep. =)

One diet soda that has been okay'd by diet groups in

the USA is Diet Rite soda...It's been a lifesaver for some.

It has less of the bad stuff in it.


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