RLS and Parkinson's

Is there any way we could clearly separate those questions and blogs which relate to PD from those which relate to RLS?. I would like to know what we are talking about when I start reading. For instance, there is a question (or maybe a blog) asking for experiences with brain injury. After reading through a lot of material, it became clear that the writer was talking about brain injury and RLS. I have some experience with brain injury and PD and would have jumped in and started an answer until I saw the thing was about RLS and not PD.

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  • I could be mistaken, but I always assume everything here is related to RLS unless indicated otherwise. PD never even occurred to me.

  • Hi, this is the RLS site, i think you may be on the wrong site,as there is a seperate P D site on healthunlocked

  • What about when RLS occurs as a symptom of PD?

  • my Neuro dr had to ruled out PD first before stating i had RLS as he said the symptoms are similar outwardly

  • When my GP first mentioned Ropinerole for my RLS, he told me it was a drug used for PD which had been found to help RLS (in much smaller doses) but didn't mean RLS had anything to do with PD.

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