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Follow Up (should this be in the blog section?)

Well, the klonopin was a dud. Besides making me groggy all day and not helping my RLS at all, it also made me very grouchy and irritable... causing me to fight with my wife a bunch (when I stopped taking it and apologized for my behavior, she said: "wow, this must be what you feel like after my period!"). Anyway, I had a long talk with the nurse and she's going to get back to me tomorrow morning after she talks to the doctor. I'll give it one more chance, but if the next thing we try doesn't help, I'm just going to go back to neurontin - it didn't help with my daytime symptoms, but it got me through the night and didn't seem to have side effects. Hope you all had a pleasant weekend.

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Thanks for update... Have you thought of using the neurontin at night, then one tramadol during the day, unless the tramadol would make you sleepy in the daytime.


That's a good idea! Maybe taking tramadol in the morning would keep it from causing sleep apnea? I'm not sure if it works like that... I'll definitely ask my doctor (although I suspect if that were an option, he would have suggested it by now).


Worth a try, see if it works.....try at the weekend when you are not working...


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