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Has anybody seen this new research?

Hi, I have just been reading a Google alert for RLS, and the results seem really interesting!

It is called the Protein Profile for Restless leg syndrome, and it is in a publication called, I have tried to paste a tag, but cannot, they have done a study on the spinal fluid in patients with RLS and found 6 different proteins that are distinct in the syndrome. Apparently, it could open up lots more more treatment ideas, worth a look!

Best wishes, Cazx

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Thanks cazbaz, the spinal fluid connection has been discussed on here somewhere before. I will google the website and have a look. Nightdancer has always reckoned her RLS comes from her spine fluid.


July 17th, the neuroscience group is doing a spinal tap on me.

They found some abnormalities in my blood work. I am one of

their many that are severely affected by RLS meaning that the

lack of sleep is harming my blood pressure, my heart is palpitating,

I am falling asleep at random times during conversations or even

when I sit down a few minutes. My legs go so nuts that my husband

made a plea with them.

I am undergoing some muscle and reflex testing, they are going

to do the shock testing of my nerves. (my reflexes are slow) so

they can see more, tell more.

This did not come as a result of RLS only. I have no sensations

in below my knees. I can feel touch but can't tell if it's sharp, cotton,

metal and can't feel temperature. This came about suddenly. There

is not a reasonable explanation for that happening. (no diabetes,

no ill pulses) so they have to look.

So basically, they said... while we are at it...


Yes, I saw that. I feel the same way. I saw Nightdancer's blog back from a few months ago, and this is what she seems to be talking about. All of these proteins are in the spinal fluid from what I can read. I need to do a lot of reading! LOL


Hope this link works.


Thanks Elisse,

I think you had better be my official link manager, lol! I just can't get to grips with it on my my tablet!

I have talked on here about the same thing to Nightdancer, and we are both of the opinion that our spinal problems could be at the heart of the RLS for us, obviously not necessarily for every person, but the research is looking promising, at least it is being taken seriously!

I hope you are well,

Hugs Cazx


Sorry, I meant to say the link works perfectly!


Thanks for this cazbaz, very interesting read :)


I am doing ok for the moment, thanks for asking.

I dont think people can copy and paste links on their tablets, or that seems to be the case.

Yes, for some it could be the answer to their RLS. it is good that research is going on, as its says its a small study, but at least it is a study.

Any studies done on RLS, will lead to better understanding on the mechanics of RLS, cause it is such a complicated condition. It must give the researchers headaches lol.. :)


Thanks Cazbaz for letting us know!! It gives a bit of hope....


Thanks cazbaz -a very interesting read!

Also interesting is the number of citations on RLS mentioned at the end of the pdf -47 in professional journals!

It might be giving researchers headaches -but it's giving RLS sufferers a little light at the end of the tunnel! :-)



Thanks cazbaz it gives me some hope because it has got to be the worse thing I have ever had, and I genuinely mean that. It is nice to know from people like yourself that work is going on


I have also heard about the spinal fluid excitability. It does seem Nightdancer is on the right track in her blog where she talked about spinal cord fluid excitability back a few months ago. The protein profile backs that all up, and why did that discussion turn into a spelling lesson? I just joined today, so just a newcomer's observation. This is extremely important information for us who suffer from RLS. Mine has been a life issue, first the left leg, then both, then into the arms, etc. I see by many posts that a lot of people get RLS in their arms, too. so, hi to everyone! Am looking forward to getting to know you. We ALL have a lot to learn, that is for sure, and with lots of new research going on, there is a light at the end of a very long tunnel.


Hi Willie,

I am not sure what you mean about the spelling session, probably a bit foggy at the moment! Lol!

Sorry to hear you have had this awful condition for all your life, it must be so hard.

I have only had it just over a year, and I got it one evening out of the blue, legs arms and all, very intense and extremely painful, quite a shock! I hope you enjoy the group,

Best wishes to you,



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