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Pregnant and can't take my medication, please help

I am 32 and have suffered from RLS for approx 10 yrs. I have been taking Sifrol for the last 2 yrs and whilst taking this medication my RLS has disappeared. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and haven't been on my medication for the duration of my pregnancy. I have stopped work so I can get some sleep during the day cause at night I get about 2 hrs every night and just can't function on that little sleep. I also take a very small amount of codine once a week so I get a comfortable night. This is safe for myself and baby as long as I don't take it often and become addicted to codine. I have also been taking high dosages of iron and magnesium.

My questions is, would there be anything I can take whilst breast feeding to help relive my RLS that is safe for my baby? I am going to speak with my GP, but thought it'd also ask on this forum too.

Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I would love to breast feed my baby, but the thought of having sleepless nights for the next year is scaring the hell out of me. Thank you

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About 0.1% of the received dose of Tramadol is excreted in breast milk (that's less than what passes through with acetaminophen). A daily dose under 100 mg usually observed no adverse effects. It's a Class C pregnancy drug, though. Still, I think it's worth asking your Doctor about it. Good luck.


I know nothing as far as that goes.

I am wishing you some sleep and answers.

I didn't take anything and I suffered needlessly.. I would have

done things so differently and would have asked the doctor to

help me though it. I last experienced pregnancy 18 yrs ago.

I am 46.


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