Restless Legs Syndrome
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went to the doctors managed to get an appointment he increased my dosage of roprinole i told him aswell i was suffering from pain in my legs now and iam even getting it through the day now plus iam suffering from depression he just looked at me didnt even give me any pain killers or anything for depression told me if these pills dont work there is no more pills he can give me for my rls and said he would have to send me to see a specialist at the hospital iam begginging to fink he is a waste of time

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What dose of ropinerole are you taking now its been increased...


iam on 4mg


That 4mg of ropinerole is the highest dose for RLS. I hope it works for you. But it does sound as if you were having augmentation on the dose you were taking. Depression can be caused by lack of sleep, so if you are sleeping, then usually the depression lifts.

There are other medications which are used for RLS, as someone else mentioned.. so, if you havent tried any of them, then your doctor sounds as if he cant be bothered. So maybe seeing a neuro would be helpful, but i have to point out, even some neuro's are useless too..


Hi Elisse I noticed that you reakon that 4mg is the highest dose of Ripinirol for RLS. I know at one stage I was on 40mg for RLS but I found it too strong, as it made me very "drugged up", it was an horrible feeling and would not want that again. So I have now got mine down to 4mg sometimes 6mg depends on how bad the RLS is at the time, I do find them very good for relieving the pain(although you can't really describe it as pain) it is more like a irritation inside your legs and arms and an uncontrollable feeling of not being able to keep them still and necessity to move them around, it is one of most difficult illnessess to describe, and I think that is a lot of the problem when seeing a Dr, they do not understand or have the unfortunate problem of having RLS!!!! I don't know if seeing a Neuro is any good, as they seem really not to be able to find a Real Reason, which again is the problem, RLS does not really fit into any real BOX!! Here I go again, on my Soapbox!! It really annoys me that their are so many of us with these RLS and we seem to all be suffering in the same way, and we all seem to be having problems getting some proper help.

I hope GP gets some help and relief as I know who it feels to have depression as well as RLS and it is a LOT to cope with. No sleep definately does not help and being unable to sit down and relax is my biggest problem, I always seem to be having to do something. Anyway, Good Luck GP and sorry Elisse if I have gone on a bit. Hi to Tallula we hav'nt had a chat for ages, nice to see you again.

Take care everyone.

Widgeleys. in Very Sunny Cornwall.


I'm sorry that this is so frustrating and depressive for you.

Sometimes you have to ask for what you want and if you are

lucky, the doctor will comply.


Perhaps going to a specialist will be a good thing, I hope so, I think it is worth pushing for, as your Doctor has come to limit of his knowledge.

Good luck



Hopefully it will be a neurologist, and he will know more about rls, there is other pills for rls, mirapexin, plus the neupro patch stick to your guns on this one, i would print some information for him next time i go see him, looks like he needs it !!!


Hi i get pains in my legs i was put on gabapentin for RLS + went onto,

Tramadol for the pains in my legs + they have worked a treat so-far,

So good, i've been on Tramadol 200mg at night for over a year,

+ no more pains in my legs I'd ask your GP For them + He says no,

try a different GP if you can!!!


Hi, ive had gabapentin, my doctor gave it to me for sciatica, works great for that, but it didnt help my RLS, ive also tried Tramadol, but no luck with it, just made me violently sick. weird how the meds can help some of us so good, but others have such bad luck with them. I wish i could go with the pain meds, as i dont like the side effects with the dopamines.


I have an idea. My neurologist put me on Fentanyl patch 35mg. I started with a 12 patch for a week, then stopped using the 12 and went to the 25 patch for a few weeks and then you can incorporate the 12 back on with the 25. Fentanyl definitely works for RLS but I have a syndrome called RSD or reflex sympathetic dystrophy which is excruciatingly painful. The patch elevates both the RLS and the RSD. You just have to be cognizant that it is a synthetic opiate and extremely strong. I also took Paxil as an anti-depressant with it as fentanyl can be a depressant

I hope this helps you



I'm on paxil for panic attacks first. My dosage was increased to the

max to give me a different perception on pain. It supposedly blocks

the pain or settles the nerves. Does Paxil make your legs worse?

I have RA and can't say that the pain perception has been less

with Paxil. Just wondering if it works to diminish your RSD pain.


I wrote elevates but this dam self correcting IPad changes words on me. I meant relieves or diminishes the pain and also helps the RSD. The Paxil only helped the depression that I get on fentanyl. Unfortunately Paxil helps pack on the pounds. I gained about 15 lbs. and am now trying to get off Paxil and loose the weight. It sure didn't help my RLS or my RSD.

Fentanyl really does help both tho!


try to get a prescription for MIRAPEXIN . snowy1937


I lost weight on Paxil and so did my daughter. (panic attacks

as well) so we are the weirdo's that get the one positive

side effect of Paxil and I've heard other's say that they either

gained weight or it made no difference.

Only recently did I hear more about a Fentanyl patch...

I didn't realize that they prescribe that for anything other

than end of life cancer patients... honestly.

I really thought that 10mg of Vicodin was the end of the line

for people with RLS... (in the states) unless they have a

severe old or new injury.

Having not any medical background... I feel kinda like a dummy

in that department. My doctor told me that I can go up to 10mg

of Vicodin just before bed if necessary and then that's the

end of the line. = /


I tend to agree with your doctor that another prescription medicine is not the answer. Toxic prescription medicines are strictly the last resort as far as I am concerned. If you google "natural remedies for restless leg syndrome", you will get many hits such as

Maybe there is something you can do to help yourself.


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