Restless Legs Syndrome
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Why is the pain getting worse :-(

Im now on 2mg per night requip and have been for a few weeks now. Over the last 10 days i have been waking up more than 20 times thru the night in absolute agony in my legs and arms :-(

Its reached the point im also getting rhis pain during the day if ive been sat for more than a few minutes.. Does this pain settle ? Im in real need of a nights sleep that isnt broken up by so much pain...

A desparatly tired Tina x

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Are you saying its just the pain waking you up and not the RLS. I get pain sometimes, in my calf, but only if the pramipexole isnt working properly. Otherwise, the pramipexole takes care of the pain.


I am on Ropinirole Slow Release 6mg taken midday which helps a lot



This pain is RLS, as soon as I move, walk around the pain goes only to return again shortly after.


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