Restless Legs Syndrome
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I'm new to this site

Hi I'm new to this site

I've had the symptoms of rls since I was little but only in the past 2-3 I've been aware of what rls is and that the symptoms have seem to be more stronger/worse like

From a young age I've always had trouble sleeping with the crawling feeling up legs , tossing and turning can never sleep on one side for longer then 5 seconds , can't can never keep my legs still always moving them non stop while trying to sleep as they start getting painful , even during the day I have to keep my legs moving even when sitting down , takes me ages to finally fall asleep and when I do I keep wakin up a few times and during the day I'm really tired and doctors just say I'm suffering from insomnia that's it, I ask about rls but they just tell me I'm too young I'm 30 and my nan suffers from it since she was 50, I've also been told i kick in my sleep since I was very and still do ,

I also suffer from night cramps on my left carf muscle which I take quinine sulphate to provent it, and I get tho jerks that make your whole body jump feels like your either jumped off a building or on a roller coaster going down a big dip , dunno if they are related,

I just feel so drained everyday I can't think straight my mind wanders and I forget things and end up in the wrong place etc tired sleeping pills when I was 16 twice but didn't really work and the doctor didn't want me to have anymore,

My doctors are really useless can't change surgery due to strict catchment area :(

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If your nan suffers from RLS, its primary , runs in your family, so its certainly rls you have, best advice i can give as far as your doctors concerned, is to keep a diary for a week, and show the doctor how much sleep you have lost, and how bad it affects you, also tell how your nan suffers from it also


This site will tell you if you have rls or not, and you could maybe print of some stuff to show your doctor


I did ring up nhs direct 2 years ago and told them my symptoms and the nurse told me it all pointed to rls and I told the doctor that but the doctor thought he knew better then anyone else :(

Will try again take weeks tho for a routine appointment as most appointments have to be made by phone on the day at 8am and I'm never awake at that time it's too early


Hi mand82,

I'm pretty sure even young children can have RLS. One of my daughters was incredibly fidgetty at night, she is now in her 30s and does definitely have RLS - and her own daughter, who is five, is showing signs of following on too.


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