can anyone help suffer like all of us with rls real bad tried all meds which seem to work slightly for a while then stop now on iron,pramipexole 0.26 prolonged release basicly started from the begining again my doctor has now giving me baclofen to take with pramipexole one half a tablet 3x daily anyone else on this medication for rls would love all feed back please

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  • I did try baclofen many years ago but at that time I don't think that it really helped me. I don't believe it is widely used in RLS treatment though I am just a fellow sufferer not an expert and your doctor would know best.

  • thanks for your reply think i have to give it a try if it only helps a little its somethink been nearly 5 days with about 2 hours sleep a night now and desperate and working as a postman its hard i.m sure we have all been there thanks again

  • I hope that it works for you. It must be very difficult but I have the same problem with insomnia and it is rotten. Please let us know how you get on.

  • hi i had it prescried but not for rls and had an allergic reation, sorry not been able to help much. xx

  • thanks for reply only on small dose has.nt seemed to do anything yet but desperate ehough to give anything a try so tired through lack of sleep dosing of writing on here zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thanks all

  • Have you tried fentanyl patch. You can start at 12 and eventually go up to 25 and then 37. Worked like magic for me but had to take an anti- depressant along with it as it is a depressant. Not everyone on it gets the same side affects but I do get depressed so am on Paxil with the fentanyl.

  • Fentanyl is a complete no no. It is only now prescribed for end of life. What ever you do, DO NOT take Fentanyl for anything. I was on 50mg for 5 years it took 6 months and Oramorph to withdraw from it. I have not slept at night sine February

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