Free at last

Hi all, I started champix in January and stopped taking them last week. I haven't smoked for 9weeks and have no desire to smoke. I never believed I could do it, 45 years of smoking 20 plus a day, I sleep better, smokers cough has finally gone, I gained weight but can cope with that, please take courage and persevere with your chosen course you can and will be free at last xxx

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  • Congratulations, amazing achievement! :)

  • Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story to inspire others. It is never too late to quit smoking :) 

     I am glad to hear you are not too worried about the weight gain. It is not unusual to find you gain a few pounds and certainly not as harmful as smoking.

    Quit4Life advisers can help you with managing your weight too if you are concerned.

    Best wishes


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