5 kids and trying to quit!

Hi all, I made the decision to go to the Drs today for some champix, I start tomorrow.

I do suffer from some pretty intense anxiety and the struggles of raising 5 kids alone.

I have written down things I plan to do while having withdrawals but my biggest fear is im going to completely lose it and be in bed crying while my kids take control.

I need to hear from mothers who have done this, I need this site as I don't have that person to vent to during the night times.

I don't want to fail


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Hi Laura. Congratulations on quitting, you have not failed because you have taken this step!! I have been quit since 7th Feb and it has been a rollercoaster ride but i don't regret it at all. I feel sooooo good now.

You are doing an such incredible job being mum and dad to 5 children. My two are grown up but I can remember feeling that I had to take those 5 minutes cig break from them. I felt cigs lept me sane and saved my life (and my kids!) at the time but my youngest has asthma so guess they were not so good.

My friend has three young kids and is now quitting, she is getting them to help her quit by drawing pictures that now cover the kitchen cupboards and making notes to cheer her up and give her big hugs. They also help keep her busy so she has less time to think about smoking.

Stay strong, you can do this!! :)



HI Laura

Do let your Adviser know your worries, she will be able to help with some tips to manage cravings and the tough times. Many people do find it easier than they expected so keep positive and trying stay focused on why you want to quit.

Holly's friend had some good ideas - children can be very helpful in keeping you busy and distracted from thinking about smoking, they often like being your Number One Fans! Telling them what you are doing and getting them involved in a fun way would be helpful. Your Health Visitor may also be able to help - perhaps give her a call and let her know you are quitting and how you are feeling?

best wishes

Quit4Life Julia

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You sound like an amazing mom and so incredible to raise 5 children on your own.  I love the idea of having the children support you.  You do need an adult support system too.  I hope you have a good friend or neighbor or family member you can call when it gets rough.  Also, if you can maybe have someone come over for an hour a couple times a week so you can get out a take long walks that is so good for your stress level.  Fresh air and get those endorphins going.  Best of luck to you.  I commend you!

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