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I'm in my third week now

I feel like it's all starting to make a difference now. I do two really good sessions a week as 1)that's what fitted in and 2) it just felt right. I do squats, lunges, push-ups, core and Hiit exercises. I was really pleased when I went for a sports massage on Friday and he said that I have good strong leg muscles that are not injured but they need stretching so his prescription for me was to carry on with the twice a week (he feels this is enough) and stretch for 10-15 min every night for the moment. he reasoning for twice a week is because of all the other cross training i do, i could very easy over train the muscles. I can't believe I am up over 20 squats, push-ups and sit-ups per session, it's never been heard of before. I am sure it is thanks to the motivation and accountability on here.

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Congratulations on everything! 😀

That's great news all round.

After the 100 Push Up Challenge I can now do 'proper' push-ups, in groups of 10. I'm with you in thinking it's the accountability that helps to make it happen.


That's great, I'm hoping to graduate onto proper ones one day. I know with this I need motivation as I have a lazy attitude to stretches and core and I now know I need it to keep me moving. I aspire to get to get to 100 push-ups like you.


Woohoo! Sounds fab! When you feel your muscles, can see new definition and your limbs feel decidedly hard you know things are changing and you feel stronger. I still find push-ups very hard. I think my arms are weak, stiff too and I have trouble bending them to do push-ups. Something to keep working on. We'll get there. It won't be for the want of trying

Have fun RFC!


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