Week 2 under way

That's W2D1 out of the way! Still struggling through column 3 but getting closer to the min rep's for the last set. Min was supposed to be 15 and I managed 16. Good enough but doesn't bode too well for D2 - set of 17 to finish which is more than I have done in one set so far. Still, we'll see when we get there.

Good luck to all with the challenge!


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  • How hard is it? I'm getting scared now.

    I'm going to take the test today and see how I do, but I drank too much last night, so I hope I don't puke up and then fall face first into it.

  • It's hard, but it's brief. Even with 120 second intervals (which happens on Day 3 each week) it doesn't take much more than 10-12 minutes for the 5 sets. And most of that time is spent recovering!

    I don't feel like I have progressed much, but then it's only just over a week in. However, to stay in the RH column I will need to do more than 25 consecutive by Friday (second exhaustion test), which seems quite an ask just now.

    In any case, I'm feeling quite eager to see how D2 goes this evening, so I suppose that's good.


  • Here's the thing with this challenge. In my humble opinion It's very much like c25k in that you must not cheat. By that you need to keep to good form doing the push-up. If you find you can't do it without cheating repeat the week and keep your form whilst doing the push-up. As always slowly slowly. It will benefit you in the end and you will feel stronger as you go along.

  • Depending on what type if you kneeling or straight out, but you should go all the way down a half press is a cheat.

  • Thanks, I'll bare that in mind.

  • OK - that's W2D2 down - just!

    I don't feel like I'm progressing as fast as I need to here - I just scraped through with 17 in the final set today. First time I only just made it without doing any extras. Time will tell whether I can manage D3. With a set of 20 at the end, my hopes are not high.


  • I think this must be the hardest part of it, pushing through at this stage. I bet once you're more than a couple of weeks in it gets easier.

    Did you ever get any practice with press-ups? I'm thinking that the challenge might not be as hard for me, as I used to regularly do about 60 press-ups a day, so hopefully my muscles will sort of wake up as I go along. We will see though....

  • I occasionally use the chest-press machine at the gym but I haven't really done press-ups for years. I have certainly never done 70 in a session like yesterday's workout.

    I will certainly persevere and I expect that I shall be able to carry on next week, even if it's the middle column rather than the RH column. I have a feeling, however, that I will not match the pace of improvement and will soon need to start repeating weeks - but that's OK. I'm not in any great hurry!


  • Don't forget if you need to repeat just as in the c25k then that's ok. I found it the same as running there were days when I could barely do the minimum and others when I had some extra left in me. Keep on pushing!

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