Push Yourself

Week 3 complete!

OK - that's W3D3 done - that's half of the course out of the way!

I was not at all confident going in to the last set that I would manage the minimum of 21, but in the end I scraped together 22, which was much better than I had anticipated.

It's good to see my 5-set total going up again since it was stuck around 80 for the past week but is now up to 89. Big jump to 97 for W4D1, however, so that could be tough. Ho Hum. Two day's rest now, which I could use!

Happy pushing!


2 Replies

Wow well done you are going great guns. I bet you are ready for that rest as well.


Wow!! You're doing brilliantly!! I decided to stick with column 1 for w3, decided column 2 was well beyond my capabilities.