Push Yourself

I've started (so I will finish - probably)

After doing the test a couple of times I went out yesterday to get some push up bars as doing them on the floor made my left wrist do an unpleasant sort of graunch, half sound/half feeling. Tried the out tonight and they work so no excuses now. Went to the Sports Direct head office/store and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The last time I went there was some years ago and it was just like a glorified jumble sale. Now it looks like most other decent sports shops.

I went there to get the £5 push up bars and ended up spending more on some that twist. So your hands are horizontal in the way down and twist so thumbs point forward on the way up. Suposed to intensify the work out to shoulders and core (as if any intensification needed!) anyway wk1 day1 done on knees, not toes, with squats during the 60sec rest. Can't wait for Wednesday - tongue firmly in cheek.

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Those bars sound good ! But an even more intense workout is very impressive ! Well done for starting!ive just done w1day 3 now! 😊


I'm having trouble with stair ones, hehe I think I will leave the more intense one but I'm a positive thinking in the future hopefully I will need something like that. Well done.

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Well done getting started - always the worst part!

Personally, if there is one thing I don't need, it's greater intensity in my p'ups, but if you can "handle" that (geddit!?) then good on you!

Great start - keep it going!


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