Push Yourself

Week 2 complete!

Well that was a surprise!

After struggling with 17 in my final set on Monday I did not expect to make 20 in the last set today, but I just made it! That's 4 more than my exhaustion test before week 1 so it's looking hopeful that I've made some progress. Test tomorrow evening will tell.

I dropped the car at the garage this morning and ran home (only 10 mins or so) and I wonder whether that was responsible for getting my circulation going better today. I have been warming up a bit previously but maybe I should do so more in future.

Do you guys warm up extensively before your p'up workouts?


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Warm up? No, not at all. I do mine whilst I'm cooking dinner, nipping out of the kitchen to do the push ups in the hall, then back into the kitchen to check on the pans. You can do it, Ugi :)


Well done on completing week 2 that's great, I'm sure you'll be able to do the 20 push-ups, I didn't think I would be able to do 10 yesterday but I did and I know you can do to but don't try and push yourself if you think it will hurt you, or you could always take a couple seconds pause in between the push-ups during your last set that's what I do, if I struggle and it's not cheating because you've just paused for 1/2 seconds :)

I don't do a warm up, it really depends on the individual some prefer to do a warm up and cool down for other people it could hinder there push-ups,

Take care,

Siobhan x