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Stiffness in legs when sleeping problem

Was wondering if anyone can help, My granddad has PSP and diabetes, and has trouble at night sleeping.

Basically, because of poor circulation his feet get cold in the night, he alleviates this problem by bending his legs and straightening them, however he is now finding it very hard to move them after an hour or so lying down and calls either me or my grandma to move them for him. I guessing his inability to move his legs is due to his PSP. He is able to walk aided at the moment and once a week I straighten his legs and back on a massage table which helps with his mobility.

I did buy him a circulation booster its an electrical device that he puts his feet on that increases blood flow, and he uses this once in the morning and when he goes to bed, but after a few hours in bed the effects wear off.

Is there any advice anyone can give me so he can get a better nights sleep?

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Hello Sarndeep

I would say the difficultlies your grandfather is having is a combination of both PSP and diabetes. My partner has diabetes and he suffers with cold feet most of the time. I agree that it's probably due to bad circulation. Something as simple as thermal socks may prove to be the answer.

PSP as it progresses does cause mobility problems. My late husband had the same trouble as your grandfather so like you I would help him move his legs in bed and help him to turn over from time to time.


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Hi Maggie

Thanks for your reply, he already has socks that he wears! im going to try and get him Gehwol Red Foot cream, my research suggests this may help! fingers crossed ill let you know how I get on.




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