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Loud coughing/throat noise

Tony seems to be suffering from a cold, sore throat. Problem is he is making the most horrendous noise trying to clear his throat or cough. This went on for 5 hours yesterday and has started again an hour ago. He was given oromorph last night and eventually settled but seems to be building up again. He has been suctioned but doesn't make much difference, its so tiring for him. Has anyone else experienced this, its also so hard to understand why he can make so much noise but cant speak.

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hi mars well i do not think that tony has a cold or sore throat i thin its particles of food that get in the back of the throat and agitate for ages i get the same if i have a biscuit and do not dunk it in a liquid i have this terrible cough which sounds like whooping cough only more violent and after it you feel absolutely tired out drained is the word so i try and eat sensibly just at times i feel like

something that i used to like but should not have then i suffer for it anyway thats what i think mate

i have just had a coughing spell just before this little note and the reason coughing is so much louder because there are lots of different muscles and the speech is very quiet or non existent my speech is very quiet and if it is that problem what i mentioned its a good job he can still cough very loud because he stands a chance of clearing it i know it sound horrible but thats life i get told off every time i start up but its something that you cannot always help by the way i have had psp since 2004 good luck to you tony keep on keeping on m,ate peter jones queensland australia .


Hi Mars, my hubby was like this about 6 month ago, it is mostly the thickening of mucus and maybe some food particles, it's loud and very very distressing, I thicken all fluids to 1/150 and put him on a minced diet, I also give him a puffer to calm the lungs which helps a little, catch up with your GP and see what they can suggest? he now has all meat ground and all food put through the blender, but very little coughing and choking now. good luck


Hi Mars. We have experienced this as well. Because dad was using sinemet & clonazepam doctors told us to use OTC allergy medication with only loratadine - other ingredients would interact with these medications and make him jittery. It was helpful in keeping him a little more dried up. We bought the children's liquid formula since it was easier to get down him. Make sure you ask your GP and always read labels since some OTC medication cannot be crushed etc.


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