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What can an anaesthetic do to people with psp?

My husband has just been in hospital for surgery, nothing related to his psp. The first two days post surgery his voice was much stronger than it had been for months and we were able to hear every word quite clearly when he spoke. The other thing that surprised us the most, was his ability to initiate conversation and to keep talking to us for the whole two hours of visiting time. This was amazing because my husband hasn't started a conversation in over three years. Has anyone else experienced this kind of temporary change?

Sadly by day 3 he started to return the quiet, non communicative person psp has made him.


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Wow, Peter3, that is amazing---even if it was short-lived. I have no idea why this would happen, but I know procedures my husband has had in the last 15 years always left him paranoid and frightened for several days afterwards and there were no signs of PSP then---unless these were early indicators. I've heard others report strange things after surgery, but never positive things. That must have been wonderful. I am so sorry your husband's symptoms returned. Did you get to bring this up to his neuro? ---Rosemarie


Great to hear something positive - could it be the build-up of saliva in the throat would be cleared by suction during the operation, and as it built up again your husband found it harder to spea?. I know this happens to my husband - he wants to have a conversation, but gives up and retreats into himself when he can't do it. Would be interesting to know if anybody has had saliva build-up suctioned away and if so, what was the effect.

regards, Ann


Good to hear. I've only heard negative things about almost every other surgery posted on this site since I joined. Most say the PSP patient goes down hill after a surgery. Count your blessings.



I'm glad to hear about your positive response! However, this is generally not the norm so glad to hear it. Just a side bar for everyone on this blog -anaesthetic can be very dangerous for PSP patients since anaesthietics effect the nervous system - many time PSP folks do not recover fully after using anaesthietics so generally there is a decline. Talk with your doctors about using a block whenever possible.



Ihave differet exerience. I was very talketive ,just 3months back my people tell me that I do not as much as I used. I do not know the difference. I feel that I am talking as I used


Hi Rosemarie-Lynn,

We are seeing my husband's doctor next week so will mention what we experienced post op in the apparent relieving of the speech and conversation side of psp.

Love Peter2.


Hi Anniemarie,

Yes you make a very good point about the suctioning away of saliva making his speech clearer, but my husband wanting to talk was the most pleasing and surprising part.

Take care



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