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My Hubby's Day Care Progress

Today is the second week that Tony has attended his Day Care and he loved it! He came back very tired as he had been playing cards. I was amazed that he was able to concentrate for long enough but he told me he won 3 times so I think that helped spur him on. He also joined in the relaxtion group which he said made him really sleepy. I am so pleased that he is enjoying it although he doesn't tell me much about it unless I ask. Having time to myself is lovely and today I went "me" shopping. It was good not having to worry about getting home quickly. I have had a little respite from the effect this horrid illness has had on our lives and although it's only 5 hours each week, I am so grateful to be able to switch off for a short while. Two friends who saw Tony after his first week, both commented how much more alert he seemed. I really feel it helped him as he had his own "news" to talk about.

The Marie Curie Day Centre that he attends is a lovely place and the staff are very attentive and caring. I consider both Tony and I are extremely fortunate to have this few hours respite and all my doubts that he would be OK without me have now gone.

I would say to anyone who has an opportunity to get just a few hours break, give it a go. You will feel so much better. It's certainly helped me.

Take care everyone.

SuzieQ xx

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hi suzieq,

hope your both keeping well i was so pleased to read

that tony is enjoying his self at the day care it will do

you both the world of good it doesnt matter how long

its for each week just as long as tony feels better for it

and you get a well earned break,

take care

ray xx


Hi SusieQ,

lovely to meet you last Thursday.Glad the respite is working for you both,and I am glad you went me shopping(a girl after my own heart) thats one of the things i really miss,we used to go out for a days shopping and a lunch,Terry cant do it now he gets exhausted very quickly.

Talke care

Luv Lindax


Always good to hear of relaxing, enjoyable times for patients and partners - so pleased for you both.


Hi SusieQ

So glad that you and Tony had a good experience of your Day Care centre. It has put my mind at rest while we wait for a place for my Tony at our local Day Care.

I have asked to pick Tony up after his lunch there, as he needs his afternoon sleep, which they are happy to let me do.




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