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Recently it has been getting harder and harder to get Mum's bathrobe on after I've given her a shower - largely because Mum's elbows don't bend very easily these days! Yesterday, I had what I think was a bright idea! ;-) It doesn't happen very often so I thought I'd share it with you in case anyone is having similar problems.

I took 2 large bath towels and sewed them together along the short side, leaving a gap big enough for Mum's head. Then about half way down, on each of the long sides I sewed a piece of ribbon, creating a sort of towelling tabard. It's quick and easy to put on which means Mum doesn't get too cold after her shower, it completely removes the pushing and pulling of trying to get her arm into a sleeve and it effectively preserves her modesty on the short trip from the wet room to the lounge where she gets dressed.

It doesn't require complex needlework skills either! :-)

Love to all xx

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  • That sounds like a good idea Kathy. One of my mum's arm is also very stiff and the elbow very rigid too. I know getting a jumper or shirt on can be tricky when the arm is very stiff and rigid. Sometimes I put ibuprofen topical gel on the arm when its particularly stiff and painful, and this seems to help reduce the rigidity in the arm a bit. I buy it for a couple of pounds in Boots or the cheap shops. Could be arthritis or could be PSP causing the stiff elbows and arms?

  • I might try the ibuprofen gel idea on my Mum's stiff arm, thanks for the tip. :)

  • Great idea Kathy! I was struggling to get my mum's dressing gown on in hospital just yesterday. I always feel like I am hurting her as her arms stay really stiff.

    We also rub Ibuprofen gel on one of my mother's shoulders and arm as she has indicated for over a year now that it is painful. She really likes it so it must help.


  • I think the bathrobe is so difficult because there's no "give" or "stretch" in it.

    Glad the gel helps your Mum :-)


  • Thanks for the tip. I may need it later on.

    Jim P

  • What a clever girl you are Kathy, it'sFranks ankles we have bother with, he seems to cross them without bother, but we have to "unwrap them for him" and then place his feet on the foot rest on the wheelchair!

  • Mum also spends a lot of time with her ankles crossed and it's getting increasingly difficult to separate her legs for dressing purposes, her knees don't bend much either :-( Some days it's like trying to dress an ironing board! ;-)


  • Great practical idea. My hubby like Tshirts and those are getting rather difficult to get through the one rigid arm. He also gets warm and then cool, so it's off and on all day. We do have to get creative, don't we?

  • that's good and another tip i read someone had botox in the elbows and knees to improve mobility so see your gp xx

  • Very good idea, Kathy!Thanks a lot for the tip!

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