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My father had his 14th physiotherapy today.We have seen improvement from these therapies.Of course, i am not talking for a major difference,but physiotherapy seems to have good results.My dad used to fall backwards and now it happens much more rarely.Also,when walking (we help him when he does) he is more stable and flowing.I can add the positive effect in his psychology.Generally,i believe that physiotherapy offers some help to my father.

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  • Hi John

    Its nice to hear that your father has improved with physiotherapy. Any sign of improvement not only helps your dad's psychology but I think it helps you as well. I know that when my dad was diagnosed any small thing that helped him seemed to take a weight off my shoulders. I send my thoughts and love to you and our father. Lesley x

  • hi john

    glad that the physio is helping your dad

    i have hada few sessionns to try and stop fallihg

    and it si good when i=i can rremember what to do ie count to stop freeezing and generally slow down (EASIER said htan don ein my case)

    lol jILL


  • Hi John,

    As a physio myself I am delighted to hear that it is helping your Father :-)

    Love to both of you

    Kathy x

  • Lesley,Jill,Kathy, thank you very much for your beautiful and encouraging comments.This site is a relief for me,when i post here i always feel better.I send you my thoughts and my best wishes, John.

  • Hi John,

    Great to here about your positive comments about the behefits of physio. Were you there when your father had his physio? If you were, what things did the physio ask your father to do to reduce his risk of falls backwards? I understand that a special 'ustep' walker is found to be very useful in prolonging independent walking. Was this discussed?

    Best wishes

  • Hi anne-cliff,

    I asked the physio and he told me that the reason for the backwards falls is the fact that my dad isn't stepping his right foot properly (right side is my father's "weak" side because of psp).So,physio tryies to improve this and he showed us a particular exercise that is helping.It's this one;with one hand we hold under the heel of the right foot.The palm of the other hand embraces the fingers of the foot in a way that the thumb is on top and all the other fingers are under the foot.Now,with the hand that embraces foot's fingers, in turn we lift the fingers of the foot up and down.In other words, the part of the foot that begins just before the fingers is moving up and down with the help of our hand.It's important that fingers of the foot must stay tautly during this move.Physio also told us that there is a sling that can help,but still is not the right time to buy it.It's something that he 'll discuss with my dad's neurologist and when the time is right,when his foot 'll be in a better condition,he 'll let us know.Generally,he believes that my father 'll have more improvement with next physiotherapies.Besides,he doesn't use exersice machines during the therapies.I am going to ask him about the ustep that you mentioned.I hope i helped,i send you my best wishes, John.

  • i knwo the U STEP WALKER may be fof help to preven freezing when walkign or going thro doorways etc

    i tend to gfall when going to the right and freeze on myu lef tankle

    btu apart from rememnbering exercises b4 it si toolate and i have fallen - it is fo no use

    lol Jilll

  • Thanks for taking the trouble to respond so quickly and in so much detail. That was very useful. If your physio is not familier with the u-step, the PSP society can provide information for you

    Best wishes

  • Thank you very much, anne-cliff!Your information about u-step is very interesting and i 'll discuss this with physio.Keep strong, John.

  • I have been having physiotherapy for some time. unfortunately he left me recently to travel to USA + Europe but his replacement looks promising as the first thing he did was video me walking. My previous physio had not done that but thought my walking has improved. The vidios will show positive/negative evidence of that so glld of it. I will take my new physio more info on PSP. Marytea13

  • Hi marytea13, thanks for your comment.I think the idea of your new physio seems very good, as he 'll be able to watch your improvement safely.I am sending you my best wishes, John.

  • Hi John & others posting here I dont know if this is like the 'step walker' but my previous physio taught me to do like a marching step & even before I was diagnosed I used to do this. When my eldest brother died last year I went over to Sydney & stayed part of this time with my sister who lives in another city north of Sdney she remarked when I did my 'marching step' I did move quicker & covered me ground! This was before I had my rolator/walker in which I often do the marching step. Marytea13

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