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Motor Vehicle Assessment


I need some advice regarding motor vehicle assessments for my dad. My mum received a form from the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People to fill in for my dad. The purpose is to get someone from the Foundation to assess the needs for my dad and to revise my mums vehicle accordingly (or even suggest a new vehicle).

However, initial assessment is £100. I'm quite surprised at the cost. Mum and dad would also have to drive to a specified location to get his assessment done (so petrol costs involved). My mum is looking to change her vehicle to one that my dad can get in to. Does any one have any suggestions? They're based in West Sussex.



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hi faiza,

hope your keeping well dosent your dad get disability liveing allowence

care and mobility , he should be able to get it then you can go and see

a mobility dealer and they can show you the best car to meet your needs

and its all included in the price you can even have a test drive,

take care



Hi Ray,

I'm good thanks. How about you? Yes, he does get disability living allowance. It was just bizarre how we ended up getting stuff from the Queen Elizabeth Foundation. I'll definitely look in to getting a vehicle suitable for my mum to drive him around in.

Thanks for the advice.



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