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HI, Jillann!


I see from a "like" that you have been here, and wanted to say how happy it makes me to see your smiling picture and to know you are checking in. Thanks, Jill! Big hugs and love from your old friend, Easterncedar/ Sarah

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Waving to you Jillanf!

I will tell Liz you have been here. She will be pleased as am I.


MaddyS in reply to Kevin_1

Hello Jillann

I'm waving too. Love Maddy xx

I decided to drop in as well Sarah. Hope everyone is doing well :) AUDREY

Heady in reply to Auddonz

Hey Audrey, how you doing? It’s great to know that you still pop in now and again, as well.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


Auddonz in reply to Heady

Hi Heady, I really think our talks, our group, saved my sanity many times. Big hug and love back to you. Audrey

easterncedar in reply to Auddonz

HI, Audrey! Wonderful to hear from you, too. I can't believe how time has passed. How are you doing? Love, ec

Auddonz in reply to easterncedar

Doing fine except for being so darn lonely :( It is a while isn't it !

Love and hugs,


Katiebow in reply to Auddonz

Hi Audrey, long time no hear! This lonely business is ......well.........lonely, not a good feeling.

Love Kate xxx

Auddonz in reply to Katiebow

Hi Kate, No it is not a good feeling :(

Love, Audrey xo

Hi EC, it is wonderful, when we get “likes” from Jill. Hi Jill, it’s great to know you are still checking in on us.

Sending both of you a seriously big hug and much love

Lots of love


easterncedar in reply to Heady

Off in the morning to go wilderness camping for three nights with friends while my mother stays with one of my sisters. I'm pleased to be seeing a new part of this well preserved state forest. It's not China, but an adventure for me. My mother and I had a successful trip home last week, saw lots of friends and relations. Three days of driving, one 9 hours straight. She's such a trouper and we get along well. I'm grateful for a bit of a break, just the same.

Heady in reply to easterncedar

Your trip sounds wonderful and peaceful, unless of course a grizzly decides to join you. Stay safe! Most of all, enjoy!

I am off to Cyprus for a weeks holiday with my friend on Wednesday. Just spent a few fabulous few days, with the most gorgeous male the world has ever created!!! OK, I confess, I am totally biased and besotted with my grandson. He is one tomorrow, can't believe the time has flown that quickly. It would have been Steve's 75th birthday as well, not only am I missing him, but a bloody good party as well!

Have a lovely holiday.

Lots of love


Hi EC, great to hear that Jill has been here! I love getting her "likes" too. Thanks for posting.

Waving to you both from a lovely warm day in an NZ winter!

Big hugs too!


Hello Jillian

Good to hear you have been checking in.

Lots of love Tippy xxxx

Hi Gillian, have been thinking of you, good to know you are still checking in on us.

Good to hear from you Sarah, enjoy your trip.

Lots of love to you both xx

So nice to see your post. Thinking of you and sending all good wishes.


I love to see a like from Jillian, makes me smile from ear to ear. keep up the good work Jillian!

Big Hugs to one of our Community Heros!!


Anne G.

See what effect you have on the group Jill, everybody remembers you. Take care dear lady. Xx


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