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I'm new to this site, my husband has PSP, recently diagnosed

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Crispin, 77 yrs old, was diagnosed early December. Mid December he got sick and PSP symptoms rushed to the fore - loss of balance and swallowing issues. He's been in hospital with aspiration pneumonia and now rehab, very weak after being very strong a few weeks ago. I'd like to know if those sudden PSP symptoms will recede, when he gets better?

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Welcome to the site! PSP by definition is a progressive disease. It is really hard to say what will happen. He may rebound some, stay where he is or even degrade some. No 2 patients are going to be the same in regards to symptoms and progression. Dad had one bout of pneumonia and surgery for bowel blockage after his Dx of CBD. He rebounded fairly well from both but he was basically healthy aside from CBD. I hope your husband regains his pre-hospital baseline.



My Mum fell backwards a couple of years ago so badly she broke most of her ribs on one side which led to a stay in hospital and surgery. Since then she has been in a wheelchair all the time, however once recovered from that her speech and swallow picked up well and we have had some good times as a family. However if she gets any kind of infection it will wipe her out, she got a bad UTI just before Christmas, she could not weight bear, was struggling to feed herself and to communicate. A few days in hospital with intravenous antibiotics followed up with more for her to take once home and she has regained her previous level.

She does deteriorate and anything major leaves her behind where she was, so far she has picked up each time, though we haven't had to fight pneumonia at all yet. I hope Crispin recovers soon. Julie

Hi MissMolly19!

In our knowledge:

A serious fall with serious consequences (hospitalization, surgical intervention, strong medication, etc.) as well as a serious illness (pneumonia, severe flu, etc.) are typical situations that can trigger a fatal process. It is not uncommon for the PSP patient to overcome these types of situations - but these situations once overcome are often accompanied by some increase in the PSP symptoms and a decrease in the quality of life.

Hugs and luck.


We had a similar experience with my Mary who had an underlying (and undetected) UTI which caused rapid change to her Parkinson's symptoms. She was admitted to hospital where they eventually diagnosed PSP. They only detected the UTI at the end of her 10 day stay. Unfortunately the damage was done and she hasn't recovered to pre hospital visit state. She has plateaued and now unable to move or communicate. She still has a quality of life and knows what goes on around her. Sorry if this sounds depressing but it is best you know


Olá MissMolly 19, sinto muito pelo seu marido. Esta doença é rude. Ele estava com essa doença há muito tempo. Algo deve ser feito. O que pode ajudar na recuperação do seu marido pode ser dar-lhe óleo de cannabis (óleo de THC) e óleo de CBD. O óleo CBD também é extremamente famoso por sua capacidade de reduzir os efeitos colaterais do THC. Tomando os dois compostos juntos pode produzir o valor medicinal do THC com efeitos colaterais psicoativos contundentes. O óleo THC dosado oralmente produz resultados promissores. É necessário encontrar as doses ideais para o paciente, então você deve ter um médico com conhecimento da causa. No entanto, deve-se começar com doses baixas e aumentar. Boa sorte!

Good Morning Miss Molly,

Hope you & Crispin see some improvement during rehab. The one thing l have learned about PSP is that each person is effected in similar but different ways & the timing of symptoms come or go at unexpected intervals. My mom had PSP... like so many folks we had never heard of it.

Past posts may be helpful to you at this time... you will find 'Related Post' at the top of this page ... the selection will change with each person's post. I hope this helps.

Sending gentle hugs to you both... Granni B

This is all happening very fast for you. My husband had a dx of Parkinson’s for 8 yrs,then once the dx changed to PSP he went downhill quickly and passed away 1 1/2 yrs later,spent his last 6 weeks in hospital and rehab.

Every case is different and the best advice is to take one day at a time. Also to try and be patient with him.My biggest regret is my lack of patience! Blessings,Janet

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